“Azov” – What’s the problem?

Halya Coynash,  Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. It had seemed hard to imagine a better gift for Russian propaganda than a Ukrainian volunteer battalion formed by men with pronounced neo-Nazi views and a penchant for flaunting the wolf’s hook and other such symbols.   Even more fodder for Russia’s propaganda machine could soon be provided if … Continue reading “Azov” – What’s the problem?

Ukraine: Truths and counter-truths

THE FRONT OF INFORMATION AND MISINFORMATIONSaturday 26 July 2014, by Murray Smith In every war, one of the fronts is that of information and misinformation. In the crisis that Ukraine is going through at present there is a discourse of the Russian state, expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relayed by the political world, broadcast … Continue reading Ukraine: Truths and counter-truths