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Union protest Kyiv 6 JUly

Ukrainian Unions Anti-Austerity Protests

The Ukrainian trade unions have held a major protest in Kyiv today (6th July) against austerity. We received the following report from ‘Labour Initiative’ and also the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. The march was held to highlight austerity measures that disproportionately hurt low and middle-income families. Following International Monetary Fund demands Ukraine has […]


Why is the war in eastern Ukraine still going on?

We republish here the presentation of the Ukrainian socialist Marko Bojcun to the conference The Politics of Plunder East and West: what is to be done? held at the London School of Economic In February 2014, Russian forces seized Crimea and then began supporting the separatist insurgency in eastern Ukraine. This intervention transformed the conflict between […]

Kyiv pride 2

Kyiv Pride 2016 Proves A Major Success

Gay Pride in Kyiv – the March for Equality – has been a major success with thousands attending.  Despite threats by some neo-Nazis of attacks on the parade – threats given the usual credence by the neo-Stalinists in the West warning of a bloodbath – the event has proved them all wrong.  Halya Coynash of […]

Cheif Rabbi

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine: The world must not ignore the suffering of the Crimean Tatars the way it once ignored ours

Our cry must be heard, so that the horror of the past is not repeated here and now. Our words must ring out because the world is now silent about the fate of the Crimean Tatars.  This was the message on May 18 from Yaakov Dov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine speaking at the remembrance […]


Russia’s Conveyor Belt of Repression in Occupied Crimea

There is no evidence of any terrorist activities in Crimea, yet Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and 3 other opponents of annexation are serving huge sentences for supposed terrorism, and the number of such convictions is likely to increase with the trial this week of four Crimean Muslims and an ever-increasing number of new arrests.  Nuri […]

Tatar children

Russian Secret Police terrorizes Crimean Tatar school students in Crimea

  Halya Coynash They look for ‘dissidents’ early in Russian-occupied Crimea.  On May 27, the day before an exam, FSB officers turned up at a school in Feodosia to grill Crimean Tatar 9th grade students on possible ‘incorrect’ thinking. School No. 15 in the village of Blyzhnye near Feodosia is a Russian-language school, but there […]

Gregory Kosovo President of FPU speaking

Unions Appeal to Parliament Against Austerity

FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS OF UKRAINE To the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine To the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine To the associations of employers To the business associations On social protection of the population in face of rising prices and tariffs On 04/27/2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Decree No. 315 ‘On Amendments to […]


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