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Why leftists can’t support Novorossia?

The workers are not fighting under the leadership of the workers’ party, but under the leadership of the Moscow oligarchs and Russian fascists (not those, of course, on the battlefields).

European Socialists Statement Growing Russia – Ukraine Tensions

Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament Everything must be done to save the cease-fire in Eastern Ukraine and prevent another deadly conflict. The alleged killing of two Russians on the Crimean border last week, and the deployment of a new missile system in the peninsula have revived tensions between Moscow and Kiev. We […]

The Challenges of Russian Imperialism Today ?

Ukraine Solidarity Campaign supporters participated in a successful conference organised by Socialist Resistance on ‘Imperialism, Globalisation And Climate Change’ on 26th September where Professor Marko Bojcun spoke on the question of Russian Imperialism today. Also speaking at this session of the conference was the French socialist Catherine Samary on ‘socialists’ attitudes to Russian expansionism’ who […]

Why Russia backs Assad: a view from Russia’s anti-imperialist left

The editors of the Russian socialist website analyse why Russia is now openly moving troops into Syria to support the Assad regime. Translated by Translated by Nick Evans republished from RS21.  A whole range of evidence [also here] indicates that Russia is activating its military aid for the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad up to the point […]

Putin, the War in Ukraine, 
and the Far Right

Jean Batou is is a member of the leadership of SolidaritéS S – an anticapitalist, feminist and ecologist movement for 21st century socialism – in Switzerland, he is professor of Contemporary International History at the University of Lausanne and the author of many books and articles on the history of globalization and social movements. An earlier […]

The Fallacy of ‘Novorossiya’s’ ‘Leftist’ Friends

Labour Movement Must Oppose Restoring a Tsarist Colony in Ukraine Imagine a campaign to support the abolition of Zimbabwe and restoration of the white colony of Rhodesia; it would be reactionary.  Yet that is precisely what is happening on the European left as regards Ukraine. A section of the left, especially from the Stalinist tradition […]


A Critique of the ‘Red Putinist’  A person of influence on the thinking the western left on Ukraine has been the Russian writer Boris Kagarlitsky Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements.  Whilst the pro-war views of the Moscow based Kagarlitsky have been accepted without criticism in some quarters – in contrast the views of actual […]