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УКРАИНА: НАЦИОНАЛЬНО-ДЕМОКРАТИЧЕСКАЯ  РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ И ПРАВЫЕ РАДИКАЛЫ Олег Дубровский Автор данного текста, опираясь на идейное наследие украинской социал-демократии первой половины XX в., исходит из следующих положений: В составе Российской империи Украина была колонией. В 1917 г. в обстановке Всероссийской социальной революции в Украине началась национально-демократическая революция. По отношению к этой революции и российский большевизм, и российское […]

Maidan and After

What Happened in Ukraine? Sam Friedman[i] Ukraine went through mass mobilizations and a political revolution during November, 2014 – February, 2015.  In this it resembles struggles in Tunisia and Egypt since 2010, and as in the Egyptian case, the outcomes of these struggles (to date) have sorely disappointed most of the left in the United […]

Trade Unions call for their burnt HQ to be a Museum of the Euromaidan

The Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FPU) has called for the House of Trade Unions, which was burned by the Security Police during the Euromaidan protest on 20th February 2014 to become a permanent museum dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity.  Ukraine Solidarity Campaign published below a letter sent to us by the FPU […]

The Conflict in Ukraine, and the Russian New Left

Revolutions and their Translators: Maidan, the Conflict in Ukraine, and the Russian New Left by Alexei Yurchak Most accounts of the conflict in Ukraine reproduce the familiar Cold War binary. For the Russian government-controlled TV channels, Maidan (Ukraine’s revolution of the winter 2013–2014) was a fascist coup that overthrew the legitimate government with the US imperialist […]

SYRIZA interview with Denis Pilash of the Left-Opposition

The European Union has started a game that it is not able to finish. It (EU) couldn’t predict the reaction of Moscow? People of Ukraine are trapped between Western and Russian imperialism but Ukrainian elite is itself an enough cynical player at this chessboard. And I’m not sure whether the EU started this game on […]


Results of protests, repressions and concessions monitoring by the Centre for Society Research On July 9th at a press conference in the UNIAN information agency, the Centre for Society Research presented the results of monitoring of protests, repression and concessions, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy, that took place during […]

Ukraine: Truths and counter-truths

THE FRONT OF INFORMATION AND MISINFORMATION Saturday 26 July 2014, by Murray Smith  In every war, one of the fronts is that of information and misinformation. In the crisis that Ukraine is going through at present there is a discourse of the Russian state, expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relayed by the political […]