URGENT APPEAL FOR SOLIDARITY Ukrainian miners are engaged mass action in the city of Kryvyi Rih with strikes, occupations and a a hunger strike of 400 miners underground in the “Yubileynaya” (Jubilee) mine of EVRAZ Sukha Balka JSC in Kryvyi Rih.   The” ArcelorMittal “workers seized the plant, and the” Evraz Sukha Balka “family of miners blocked […]

NO RETURN TO STALINIST SHOW TRIALS IN RUSSIA The decision on 25th August by a military court in Russia to sentence the Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov to 20 years in prison and socialist and anti-fascist activist Oleksandr Kolchenko to 10 years has sparked an international outcry.  They are to be held in a high-security […]

The new film Bitter Harvest set during the Stalinist terror in Ukraine is now showing in cinemas.  It is a romantic-drama about the man-made famine which swept the Soviet Ukraine in 1932-33 killing millions.  The film Directed by Canadian film director of Ukrainian descent George Mendeluk, brings to the big screen an aspect of the tragic history […]

We are saddened to have received the news from our friend Yuri Samolylov of the Independent Trade Union of Miners  of Ukraine (NPGU) of an explosion in the Stepova Mine of Lvivuhilia state company on 2nd March, 8 miners were killed and 21 miners were seriously injured.  The mine is located in the Hlukhiv village, […]

John Cryer MP Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party  has submitted an important Early Day Motion in  support of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU), who are in a bitter dispute in Kyiv.   Ukraine Solidarity Campaign urges members of the Labour and Trade Union Movement trade unionists to write to your […]

Urgent Solidarity Needed:    Trolleybus depot workers are still on a hunger strike in Kyiv On 3 February  in Kyiv in the morning  three members of the primary trade union organization of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of  Ukraine  of Kurynivske trolleybus depot of Municipal Enterprise “Kyivpastrans” have started hunger strike. They demand […]

Ukrainians are living in a unique era. The ‘Euromaidan’ demonstrations in 2014 did not lead to any social reforms and did not overthrow any oligarchs except for former president Viktor Yanukovich. Neo-liberalism continues despite its failure to improve standards of living.

Members Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) were blackmailed, deprived of their bonuses, suspended from the job, evicted from the company-provided housing, and physically attacked. This story takes place in a European capital city — Kyiv, Ukraine. In April 2016 workers of the state-owned transport enterprise Kyivpastrans formed an independent union to […]