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Ukraine – miners remain underground demanding wages

Miners from two mines owned by the state enterprise Lysychanskvugillya in the Luhansk region of Ukraine are staying underground, demanding that salaries owed are paid. The protest is being supported by 300 family members and by activists across Ukraine from the NGPU (Independent Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine)   On 15 July, 70 miners from the […]


URGENT APPEAL FOR SOLIDARITY Ukrainian miners are engaged mass action in the city of Kryvyi Rih with strikes, occupations and a a hunger strike of 400 miners underground in the “Yubileynaya” (Jubilee) mine of EVRAZ Sukha Balka JSC in Kryvyi Rih.   The” ArcelorMittal “workers seized the plant, and the” Evraz Sukha Balka “family of miners blocked […]

Ukrainian Miners end Hunger Strike

Olexiy Soroka and Ivan Chukov, two mineworkers from Selydove, Donetsk, Ukraine have ended their 12 day hunger strike. Their colleague, local union president and Selydove City Councillor Victor Trifonov, set himself on fire at the same protest last week. Victor is still in the hospital, improving and recovering. The hunger strike was suspended after the […]

Ukrainian Miner Activist Sets Himself on fire in protest

Victor Trifonov, the president of a local mineworkers’ union , set himself on fire during a press conference today in Kiev, Ukraine. He was rushed to the hospital and remains in the emergency room several hours later. The incident occurred at a press conference in the Ministry of Energy, where mineworkers are occupying a room […]


The Independent Union of Miners of Ukraine (NGPU) at the EVRAZ Sukha Balka mining company in Kryvyi Rih has issued an urgent appeal for solidarity – their appeal is addressed to MPs in the UK.  Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has campaigned with the miners successfully against the oligarchs of EVRAZ in the past – joined by […]

Demands of the Western Donbas Miners

The independent trade union of miners (NGPU) of West Donbass is one of the first and largest independent union organisations in Ukraine. They were formed during the massive surge of independent trade unions during the mass strike in spring 1991. This contributed to a group of delegates and the II Congress of the miners, she traveled […]

Statement of the Independent Trade Union of Coal Miners of Ukraine on the Beating of a Union Leader

  The Independent Trade Union of Coal Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) leaders and activists are under constant pressure and intimidation including physical assualt. It has become an unprecedented case when the representatives of  Volodymyr Demchyshyn the Minister of Energy and Coal Mining Industry apply physical force to intimidate an NPGU leaders who are fighting against […]