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Explosion Kills Eight Miners in Ukraine

We are saddened to have received the news from our friend Yuri Samolylov of the Independent Trade Union of Miners  of Ukraine (NPGU) of an explosion in the Stepova Mine of Lvivuhilia state company on 2nd March, 8 miners were killed and 21 miners were seriously injured.  The mine is located in the Hlukhiv village, […]

Ukrainian Miners end Hunger Strike

Olexiy Soroka and Ivan Chukov, two mineworkers from Selydove, Donetsk, Ukraine have ended their 12 day hunger strike. Their colleague, local union president and Selydove City Councillor Victor Trifonov, set himself on fire at the same protest last week. Victor is still in the hospital, improving and recovering. The hunger strike was suspended after the […]

Ukrainian Miner Activist Sets Himself on fire in protest

Victor Trifonov, the president of a local mineworkers’ union , set himself on fire during a press conference today in Kiev, Ukraine. He was rushed to the hospital and remains in the emergency room several hours later. The incident occurred at a press conference in the Ministry of Energy, where mineworkers are occupying a room […]

Joint Resolution of the West Donbass Miners Unions on the Current Situation

Presidium Joint Resolution DNEPROPETROVSK TERRITORIAL UNION AND INDEPENDENT UNION OF MINEWORKERS OF WEST DONBASS OF UKRAINE 09 June 2015 Worsening of social and economic policy at PJSC “DTEK Pavlograd Coal” Having reviewed information presented by Mr. A.V.Smirnov, Director of coal mining JSC “DTEK-ENERGO” and Mr. S.A.Voronin, Director general PJSC “DTEK Pavlograd Coal” and submitted to the […]

Miners Unions Open Letter to President of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Miners are engaged in a dispute for the survival of their industry.  As part of their ongoing campaign to stop pit closures the Independent Trade Union of Miners (NGPU) has issued an open letter.    Petro Poroshenko President of Ukraine  Arsenyi Yatseniuk Prime Minister of Ukraine  Volodynyr Groisman Head of Verkhovna Rada of […]

Independent Miners Union Statement on Miners Struggle

There has been an growth of miners protests in Ukraine in response to the planned closure of state owned miners across and unpaid wages. Following the recent joint union congress of miners a number of reports appeared in the  media seeking to discredit the miners – in response the following statement has been issued by M. […]

Hands off of Independent Trade Unions!

March 16, 2015 in Dnepropetrovsk was held to protest against the administrations pressure on independent  Trade Unions of Ukraine. The protest was held in front of the District Administrative Court of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast [Region]  against attempts by the administration to eliminate  the main YuGOK union organization at this enterprise – the Independent Trade Union of Miners […]