A scene from Borodyanka (photo by Simon Weller)

On 26 August 2022, a delegation from the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign was taken to Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpen, areas which are just north of Kyiv.   These places were under Russian occupation from when the invasion began on 24 February until early April.

Following liberation, it became clear that terrible war crimes had been committed against the Ukrainian population by Russian forces. 

Our delegation of Christopher Ford from USC,  Simon Weller,  Assistant General Secretary of ASLEF train drivers union, and Alena Ivanova of Another Europe is Possible were accompanied by leader of the KVPU (Confederation of Free Trade Unions) Mykhailo Volynets, and Olesia Briazgunova International Secretary of the KVPU.

The delegation had an opportunity to meet survivors in Bucha and to see first-hand the scenes of devastation arising from the Russian occupation and terror in the three areas.

It was described that at first the Russian subjected them to bombing, then when Russian forces arrived, they proceeded to murder civilians as if on ‘safari shoot’, homes were looted, civilians shot and tortured, then left to starve under occupation.   

The names of Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpen stand as evidence of the barbaric nature of Russia’s war on Ukraine and why we must support the struggle of the Ukrainian people.

Alena Ivanova of Another Europe is Possible

Christopher Ford of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign
Myhailo Volynets (left) Olesia Briazgunova and Simon Weller (
The scene of the mass grave at Bucha – the residents of the red house in the rear were refugees from Donbas, as the family tried to flee the Russian forces shot them.