The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is pleased to report that on 27 August, with the generous of assistance of John Abbey,  much needed aid was delivered to the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) in Kyiv.

Present was Simon Weller, Assistant General Secretary of ASLEF,  Alena Ivanova of Another Europe is Possible and Christopher Ford of the USC.

The delivery of adrenaline and other much needed medical supplies was promptly distributed by Oleh Panasenko Chairman of the Free Trade Union of Medical Workers to union members who are now fighters on the Eastern Front.

Our union aid delivered directly to the front by the Free Trade Union of Medical Workers of Ukraine

Oleh Panasenko and Mykhailo Volynets leader of the KVPU, have extended their thanks to all who assisted including our trade union supporters of ASLEF, GMB, NUM and PCS.   This was an interim delivery and we have committed to provide further much needed to aid NGPU (Independent Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine) whose member are in the resistance in East and Southern Ukraine. This is the direct solidarity Ukrainian trade unions need a this time.

Please donate Here:  Union Aid Crowdfunder

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