Urgent Appeal For Aid

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

On 24 February, Russia started large-scale attacks on Ukraine along the entire length  of the common border and from the territory of Belarus. Long range missiles are  striking settlements all over Ukraine, including residential buildings, kindergartens,  maternity hospitals and educational institutions. Tanks are advancing on Ukrainian  towns and villages. Ukrainian army and the whole nation are heroically opposing  these attacks. 

These military attacks have led to numerous casualties, destruction of houses and  civil infrastructure, massive wave of refugees from eastern, central and southern  regions of Ukraine. The Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, together with JSC  Ukrprofozdorovnytsia, is applying all efforts to help accommodating them and to  help the population at the frontline to survive these atrocities.  

18 trade union sanatoria, rest houses and holiday camps on the West have become  real refugee camps. As of today, they host about 3,000 children, women, members of  soldiers’ families and elderly people. New capacities are being created in the trade  union facilities to host more people. Their load now reaches 150%. All of refugees 

should be provided with food, medical care, heat, other communal utilities. Where  possible, the FPU and local trade unions also help in temporary employment of  refugees. 

In view of the situation in Ukraine, we ask the international trade union community show solidarity and to provide financial support to the Federation of Trade Unions of  Ukraine to support these activities. 

Our bank details for transfers in Euro or US dollars: 

JSC State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine (JSC Ukreximbank) 


IBAN UA353223130000002600901282565 

Account holder: Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine 

Purpose of the transfer: voluntary donation 

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the trade union organisations who  supported Ukraine at the rallies and/or sent appeals to their governments to oppose  Russia’s military aggression. 

In solidarity  

FPU President Grygorii Osovyi