An Appeal for Volunteers to Join the Fight in Ukraine

Anti Fascist Resistance Fighter in Kyiv

Resistance Committee

Don’t wait for Russian imperialism to come to your door, join the fight now!
Together we will win!

From Social Movement

Anti-authoritarian forces are organized their own international detachment within the framework of the Territorial Défense of Ukraine.

In addition, dozens of our friends are defending the capital and large cities with weapons in their hands.

Now we are reaching out to comrades from all over the world!

Today, in Ukraine, we have the opportunity to create an International Legion of Territorial Defense.

We call on all willing comrades to independently group in countries around the borders of Ukraine, and get in touch with us to become volunteers in the fight against Russian imperialism and Putin’s aggression.

We are waiting for you!

Those wishing to become fighters can contact us by:

Anti-Fascist Resistance in Kyiv 1943