Appeal From Social Movement – Ukraine

Ukrainian civilians block a Russian Tanks

✔️ There have been cases of systematic looting and theft from the local population in the territories occupied by the Russian army in recent days.

📌 Invaders did not foresee such strong and lasting resistance, so they have faced a shortage of fuel and food. They want to compensate these shortages at the expense of civilians.

✔️ If you take an active role in civil society, there is a risk of repression against you by the FSB. It is desirable that you leave the territory or do not allow yourself to be identified.

📌 We call on the residents of districts in the occupied zone to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy’s armed groups. Seeing that in many areas the invaders are suffering heavy losses, even verbal conflicts can shift the anger from such failures onto the local population.

✔️ However, even as you find yourselves behind enemy lines, you can help the Armed Forces with information about the movement of Russian equipment. Make observations without being observed. Delete your correspondence as soon as you confirm that the army has received and understood your messages. Do not show enemy soldiers items they can identify as a threat to themselves and do not wear military-style clothing.

📌 Russian troops must be demoralized. Invaders must feel hunger, fear and guilt because of the pain they cause. Avoid offering any help to the occupiers, destroy their propaganda material and sabotage their demands. Instead, take care of your loved ones, stay calm, sleep regularly, and eat. Grassroots solidarity and cohesion have helped our people overcome many adversities. It will help to overcome today’s invasion.

Through the efforts of the whole world, the occupiers will be expelled and will be forced to compensate for the damage they have caused.