Protests in London and in Ukraine

Protest in London 8 January 2021

The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign supported protests outside the Kazakhstan embassy in London and with the Kazakh community at Trafalgar Square on 8 January.   Yuliya Yurchenko and Christopher Ford spoke and delivered messages of solidarity from Ukrainian socialist organisations at the protest outside the Embassy called by Anticapitalist Resistance in unity with a number of other socialist organisations.   

Solidarity from message from Соціальний рух  (Social Movement)

1. The events in Kazakhstan are a living indication that neo-liberal reforms and the destruction of political democracy can turn into a social explosion under certain circumstances. Such circumstances are, firstly, the impoverishment of the majority of the population against the background of enrichment of the elite, and, secondly, the presence of organised workers.

2. The introduction of Collective Security Treaty Organization troops to suppress the revolution in Kazakhstan confirmed the reactionary nature of this union. It was created not to protect countries from external aggression, but to strengthen the Kremlin’s influence and protect anti-people regimes from revolutions. De facto, Russian troops in Kazakhstan are also defending the interests of American capitalists, who own much of Kazakhstan’s oil industry. As residents of the country that suffered from Russian intervention after the Maidan, we express solidarity with the Kazakh people and condemn Russian imperialism.

3. We, the Ukrainian left, express solidarity with the protesters in Kazakhstan and call on the Ukrainian authorities to condemn the Tokayev regime and its actions to start the war. Inspired by the example of Kazakh workers, we promise to make resolute use of our freedoms to promote social rights and prevent harmful liberal reforms. May international solidarity against imperialism and the dictatorship of capital be strengthened!

Protest in Odessa

Solidarity message from Українська Соціалістична Ліга (Ukrainian Socialist League)

The Ukrainian Socialist League expresses solidarity with the rebel workers of Kazakhstan. We welcome the rally in London. This is a serious contribution to the cause of the internationalist solidarity of the working people.

Down with the regime of Kazakh authoritarian capitalists!

Long live the revolution in Kazakhstan !!

Protest at the Embassy in London

A Message of solidarity was also read from the Ukrainian socialist writer and historian Marko Bojcun:

I am with you in solidarity with the people of Kazakhstan who have risen up against their poverty, gross social inequality and the political repressions visited  on them by a criminal ruling class. I protest the murder of peaceful protesters and the brutal suppression of their democratic rights by Kazakhstan security forces and the Russian armed intervention  Russia violates the national sovereignty of Kazakhstan as it does the sovereignty of Ukraine, Chechnya and Georgia.

Withdraw the troops from the streets!

Free the arrested and imprisoned protesters!

Russian troops out!

British government – confiscate the £80 million worth of properties owned by the Nazerbayev family in London!

Marko Bojcun

John McDonell MP addressed the Kazakh community protest in Trafalgar Square