Discussion hosted by the Alliance for Workers Liberty (Scotland) and Ukraine Solidarity Campaign



Hanna Perekhoda, is a member of the organisation SolidariteS, she is author of ‘The Bolsheviks in Eastern Ukraine and their competing state projects (1917-1918): the case of the Donets -Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic’ . Hannah will address the myth the current Donbas proxy state DNR is in continuity with the Donetsk Soviet Republic of 1917 etc.

Marko Bojcun, is writer and member of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, he is author of ‘Towards a Political Economy of Ukraine’ and ‘The Workers’ Movement and the National Question in Ukraine: 1897-1917 ‘ Marko will address the actual reasons for Putins aggression and facts and myths of Western role in East etc.

Stan Crooke is a regular contributor to the Alliance for Workers Liberty newspaper “Solidarity” . He will be speaking on a section of the Left’s approach to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Meeting accessible from 6.45pm. No passcode. Waiting room enabled. Meeting ID: 826 8169 3216