Teh UCU Congress 2023 will be held at the SEC Centre, Glasgow from Saturday 27 May – Monday 29 May 2023. The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has held a fringe meeting with ahead of congress and our supporters in UCU are calling for support for the National Executive Committee motion as a basis to build solidarity with Ukraine. Please ensure your branch supports the motion below and opposes any fake ‘peace’ motions which will seek to undermine support for Ukraine and can only aid Russian Imperialism.

SFC3 Solidarity with Ukraine: supporting education and humanitarian work

National Executive Committee

1. Condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
2. Recognises Ukraine’s right to self determination 
3. Notes courageous work of Russian anti-war activists and journalists despite state oppression and personal risk 
4. Condemns all manifestations of imperialism
5. Reaffirms UCU’s commitments to international solidarity; protecting human rights, workers’ rights, education for all; defending and promoting rights of all displaced people, all fleeing conflict

Congress resolves to: 
Campaign for: 
a. The UK government to waive visa restrictions and provide safe routes for all refugees and asylum seekers
b. Full college / university scholarships for all refugees and asylum seekers
c. Cancellation of Ukraine’s national debt
Task the International Working Group to:
i.  Develop, and widely publicise programmes of practical solidarity work based on this motion and UCU’s humanitarian and education policies, including online meetings inviting Ukrainian trade unionists and feminists 
ii.  Foster links to support international labour movement activists, educators, and students 
iii.  Support Russian workers, educators, students and activists who oppose war.