7pm, Wednesday 25 May
Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AB

Speakers include three Workers’ Liberty supporters who took part in the recent European solidarity delegation to Ukraine; Vitaliy Dudin, President of Ukrainian socialist organisation Sotsialnyi Rukh and a Russian anti-war activist.

UK trade union activists who recently took part in a solidarity 
delegation to Ukraine will be reporting back, alongside Vitaliy Dudin, 
president of Ukrainian socialist organisation Sotsialniy Rukh speaking 
by video link. Hosted by Workers’ Liberty.


The Russian imperialist attack on Ukraine is the most important single 
event in recent European history. The war has already killed many 
thousands of civilians, destroyed towns and villages in Eastern 
Ukraine and devastated Ukraine’s economy.

In Russia thousands have been arrested for protesting against the war.

We support Ukraine’s war of self-defence from a working-class, 
internationalist standpoint. We are fighting for solidarity with 
Ukraine’s workers. Activists from Workers’ Liberty have just visited 
Ukraine as part of a European labour movement delegation. Come and 
hear them report on their visit and their discussions with Ukrainian 
socialists and activists.