THURSDAY AT 16:00 Gazprom 20 Triton Street London NW1 3BF

Protest at Gazprom! For renewable energy, not Russian oil and gas!

On 10 March Insulate Britain and other climate activists will be demonstrating outside the London offices of Russian state energy company Gazprom. The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign will be joining them.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shone a stark light on European capitalism’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Russia is the world’s largest petro-state, controlling one third of the world’s oil and gas reserves and producing over two thirds of its domestic gas supply. Fossil fuels account for 60% of Russian exports and 40% of the Russian government’s income. The vast majority of its fossil fuels are bought by European and NATO countries.

This has obviously empowered Putin’s regime; Gazprom and Rosneft announced record profits this year, filling the coffer’s of the war machine. Now, as Russia builds more fossil fuel links with China, it is in a stronger and stronger position to disrupt Europe’s energy supply.

Meanwhile working-class consumers face soaring prices, and all too likely to soar further as a result of the conflict.

We need to seize wealth from the rich to fund an urgent transition to renewable energy.

Join us on the 10th to say:

– Stop the war! Russia out of Ukraine!
– Emergency measures to transition to renewable energy