We are pleased to announce the publication of an exciting new book on the revolutionary period of Ukraine by Marko Bojcun – The Workers’ Movement and the National Question in Ukraine 1897-1918 published by BRILL as part of the Historical Materialism Book Series.

Bojcun explores the social democratic workers’ movement in the Ukrainian provinces of the Russian Empire and its impact on the course of the 1917 Revolution. The focus here is on the Ukrainian, Jewish and Russian parties, the sections of the labour movement they built, the national inequality and oppression that they confronted and the political solutions they pursued.

They are examined from their inception during Russia’s first drive to industrialise to the First World War, the collapse of the Russian autocracy in February 1917, the overthrow of the Provisional Government in October and establishment of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in Kyiv, to the military occupation of Ukraine by Germany and Austro-Hungary in the spring of 1918.




Chapter One: State power and the development of capitalism

Chapter Two: The working class

Chapter Three: Social Democracy and the national question

Chapter Four: February to October 1917

Chapter Five: November: attempts at reconciliation

Chapter Six: December: the failure of reconciliation

 Chapter Seven: The first treaty of Brest Litovsk

Chapter Eight: Battles for Kyiv

Chapter Nine: Kyiv under Bolshevik rule

Chapter Ten: The pogroms in March and April 1918

Chapter Eleven:  Resistance to the Austro-German occupation

Chapter Twelve: Last days of the Rada



Available from: The Workers’ Movement and the National Question in Ukraine – 1897-1918 | Brill