Imprisoned Russian Socialist Who Opposed Putin’s War Against Ukraine


John McDonnell MP, a leading socialist Member of Parliament and former Labour Party Shadow Chancellor has lodged an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for the release of Darya Polyudova a prison colony in Russia.

McDonnell declares that Polyudova was  peacefully exercising her right to freedom of expression and has been sentenced to six years as a result.   Since 2014   Polyudova who the leader of Left Resistance organisation in Russia, has  consistently opposed Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and shown solidarity with the Tatars and other Ukrainian political prisoners held in occupied Crimea and Russia.

Please call on your MP to sign Early Day Motion 207  and  call for Justice for Darya Polyudova.

Jailing of Darya Polyudova EDM (Early Day Motion)207

That this House notes with great concern the jailing of Darya Polyudova leader of the Left Resistance movement in Russia; further notes that on 31 May 2021 the Western District Military Court in Moscow sentenced the 32-year-old activist to six years in a prison colony for postings on social media, with a four-year ban on working in the media, organising mass events or posting information on the internet; notes that human rights organisations including the Memorial Human Rights Centre and Amnesty International consider Polyudova as a prisoner of conscience; notes that Polyudova has consistently opposed Russia’s war against Ukraine and defended of Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners held in occupied Crimea and Russia; considers that she has been peacefully exercising her right to freedom of expression; and urges the Russian Federation to release Polyudova without delay.

John McDonnell MP

Jailing of Darya Polyudova – Early Day Motions – UK Parliament

Darya Polyudova on a protest in Moscow