👉 On 28 December 2019, on the eve of the New Year holidays, without any warning and agreement with social partners, without timely publication and wide discussion, Honcharuk’s Government attacked labour and social rights of Ukrainians!

The draft law provides for dismissal of employees at request of the employer without any grounds and without severance pay; introduction of overtime work without restriction and reducing its payment by 5 times; introduction of non-fixed-term employment contracts.

There is a widespread attack on rights and guarantees of trade unions! The head of Social Policy Committee Tretiakova and a group of Deputies from the Servant of the People Party registered the draft law No 2681 “…on certain issues of activity of trade unions.”

What does she want? To deprive trade unions of social dialogue party’s mandate to draft laws conciliation procedures, to restrict rights to create and legitimate activity of primary organisations at enterprises, to abolish funding of cultural, mass, health and fitness work, and to deprive trade union activists of existing legitimate guarantees.

🔴Trade unions are decisively protesting and fighting transnational-oligarchic invaders! We have a legitimate right to uphold rights and interests of working people! We urge all workers, trade union members, and active Ukrainian citizens to join trade union struggle!

✊🏻 We will NOT allow to violate our constitutional rights, humiliate us, deprive our children of future.

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