Andriy Ischenko is a leading socialist and trade union activist in the city of Odessa,  he is active in the intiative towards forming a new left party in Ukraine.  A number of activists in the UK have had the privilege of discussing with him the situation in Ukraine, and the crisis of the European left,  when he addressed a meeting of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign in London.   We are pleased to publish below an address by Andriy on the subject of the role of the European left. Andriy Ishecnko

1) A position against the Russian imperialist aggression must be accompanied by campaigns against their own imperialist governments and active criticism thereof;

2) The widest dissemination of information about the fight of the Ukrainian left for elementary democracy in Ukraine and against the establishment of an oligarchic dictatorship;

3) Systematic acts of protest outside Russian diplomatic missions demanding an end to the intervention and aggression;

4) Systematic protests near Ukrainian diplomatic missions and state institutions of European countries regarding every attempt to roll back democracy in Ukraine, censorship of independent trade unions and repression of left-wing activists in Ukraine;

5) Invitations of Ukrainian left-wing activists to give public lectures to the widest audiences about the real situation in Ukraine and the fight by the left-union movement for freedom, democracy, social justice and against war.

Thank you to Gregory Schwartz for translation.