Despite the disruptions of war and the hindrance of the authorities there were active May Day actions in Ukraine.

May Day Kyiv 2015

In KYIV supporters of the New Left “Assembly of social revolution held a ‘march for social change’ and rally at the statue of the Ukrainian socialist Ivan Franko.  They issued a film promoting the demonstration:

Participants emphasized that May Day is not a relic of the Soviet era, but a celebration that is actively celebrated in Europe, where people are fighting for their rights.  The event was joined by the leading French socialist Alain Krivine and a representative of the LGBT community Elena Shevchenko, who stressed the importance of assistance to all suffering from discrimination

Also in Kyiv leader of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions Mykhailo Volynets marked May Day by laying flowers at the monument to Ukraine’s revolutionary, national poet Taras Shevchenko

Anarchist mAY DAY kyIV

Ukrainian anarchists also marked May Day in Kyiv with a march under the slogan of “Less work, more life”, “Revolution, anarchy, Nestor Makhno”, “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity.”

In the Industrial city of DNIPROPETROVSK Independent trade unions held a May Day demonstration and rally of solidarity with the struggle of workers all over the world for their rights.

May Day Dnipropetrovsk  2

The workers, members of the Independent Trade Unions NPGU and “Zakhyst Pratsia” a number of industrial enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk came to the demonstration with such slogans as: ” Work less – earn more “,” people – peace workers – wages, monopoly – nationalization,  hands off independent trade unions “,” Poroshenko, hands off of free education and free healthcare “,

The rally adopted a resolution stating:  “ Do not let the oligarchs to turn people into slaves in Ukraine”

IN LVIV an historic May Day event was held organised by the organisation Autonomous Resistance and joined by independent trade unionists.  The ‘Social March’ was held at the monument to the former Soviet dissident Chornovil.  They were joined by trade unionists from Odessa.

Lviv May 3

May 1 at 16-00 at the monument. Chornovil in Lviv activists’ Autonomous Resistance “came on” Social March “.  The organisers declared:

“We, activists of Autonomous Resistance, as  followers of Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainian, Petro Poltava Fedun fighting for national and social liberation of our people. Against fascism.  Against capitalism.”   They called for Power to the millions not the millionaires.

Lviv May 1The march was blocked by the Police and also a mobilisation of the Right Sector who have denounced Autonomous Resistance as “neo-Bolsheviks” whose   the Right Sector spokesperson said: “Autonomous Resistance is a leftist organisation, therefore we have to be here not to allow them to march”.