Unions demo Kyiv

The Ukrainian miners struggle is developing rapidly – with an unprecedented Ukrainian Coal Miners’ Congress which will be held 21-22 April 2015, jointly organised by the Confederation of the Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), and the Trade Union of Coal-Mining Industry (PRUP).

On April 7th a joint meeting of the organising committee of the Ukrainian Miners Congress miners Ukraine, which consists of representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine and the Trade Union of Coal Industry took place.

The purpose of the Congress is to discuss the critical situation in coal mining industry of Ukraine and to find practical solutions to the crisis, the Ukrainian miners are facing.  Over 800 miners will take part in the Congress.

Ukraine is facing an acute crisis in the energy sector, in particular, the collapse of the coal industry, job retention, non-payment of wages, of Russian occupation and changes of terms and conditions.

Mikhail Volynets leader of the KVPU stated:

“At a time when fuel and energy sector and the coal industry in Ukraine are on the verge of collapse due to loss of control by the authorities, the miners are going to take the situation into their own hands. ”

It look increasingly likely there will be a major national demonstration of miners and industrial action against the pit closure programme.


Confederation of Free Trade Unions – KVPU

Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine – FPU