The essence of the whole project of Donetsk People’s Republic can be put in one paragraph , taken from the end of the preamble of the Constitution:
“…establishment of a sovereign independent state, based on the restoration of a unified cultural and civilizational space of Russian World, on the basis of its traditional religious , social, cultural and moral values ​​, with the prospect of becoming a part of “Greater Russia” as halo territories of the “Russian World”.

Russian nationalism is indicated as the main ground of the new state- the phrase “Russian World”, for example, is found in the Constitution countless number of times.For example, in a declarative sense:

“…feeling itself like an integral part of the “Russian World” as Russian civilization …”

“…thinking about the indivisibility of fate of the whole “Russian World” and still willing to remain its partakers…”

“…remaining dedicated to ideals and values ​​of “Russian World” and honoring the memory of their ancestors …”

Also the “Russian World” is mentioned in a practical meaning, as a guidelines for state officials :

“Article 6.5. Public authorities in Donetsk People’s Republic while exercising its powers and performing of its duties, fully consider and respect traditional religious, social, cultural and moral values of “Russian World”.”

Obviously, the whole point of the ” Russian World ” is reduced to ” reunite ” with “Great Russia ” , that is, the Russian Federation , and then- to the assertion of dominance of those ” social, cultural and moral values ​​”. Such as , for example, the Russian Orthodox Church ( Moscow Patriarchate ) , which is raised to the status of state religion by the Constitution draft:

“…past experience and the role of Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) are accepted and respected , also as a backbone of “Russian World”.”

“…confessing the Orthodox Faith (Christian Orthodox Catholic faith of Eastern Confession)of Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and recognizing its cornerstone of the “Russian World” …”

“Article 9.2. In Donetsk People’s Republic leading and dominant belief is the Orthodox faith (Christian Orthodox Catholic faith of Eastern Confession)professed by the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).”

“Article 4.2. Social policy of Donetsk People’s Republic aims to create conditions, ensuring a decent life and free human development , people’s welfare , access to the main material and spiritual benefits, based on understanding of the traditional religious , social, cultural and moral values.”

Besides the special privileged status of the ROC (MP) , any ” unwanted” religion can be declared outlaw :

“Article 21 …. nothing in this Constitution limits the Donetsk People’s Republic in the right to protect the public from the activities of religious sects according to the law.”

Any sort of confession from UOC(KP) to Protestant and Charismatic communities, at the desire, can be called a “sect». Taking into account the militant attitude of ROC (MP) to other churches, we can guess that in DPR it will have the full opportunity to make Orthodoxy not just the state religion but the only possible or even mandatory.

While constructing the ” Russian World ” authors of the Constitution decided to strengthen ” traditional family ” :

“Article 4.3. …state supports traditional family as union of man and woman registered in the manner prescribed by the law…”

Homosexual relationships are also not left without attention :

“Article 31.3. Any forms of perverted unions between people of the same sex are not acknowledged not allowed and will be prosecuted in DPR.”

Moreover they initiated anti-fertility policy by giving full human rights to the embryo :

“Article 3 … the recognition, observance, respect and protection of [ human rights ] – is the duty of the DPR, state authorities and public officials and are guaranteed from the moment of conception.”

“Article 12.2. Fundamental rights and freedoms are inalienable and belong to everyone from the moment of conception.”

Admirers of the ancient traditions of ” Russian World ” make it clear for us that non-traditional forms of family , homosexuality and a woman’s right to dispose of her body in a “people’s republic ” will be banned .

As for economic aspect, its’ also not okay. Contrary to the assurances of some “left” organizations, zealously supporting “popular revolt with social slogans” in eastern Ukraine , no socialization of private property is going to happen:

“Article 5.1Private, state, municipal and other forms of property are recognized and equally protected in DPR.”

“Article 28.1. The right of private property is protected by law.”

Private property do not even receive any social obligations in this Constitution, that definitely indicates the traditional capitalist values of leaders of DNR.

“Article 27.1. Every person has the right to freely use their abilities and property for entrepreneurial and other economic activities not prohibited by the law.”

“Article 37.1. … Intellectual property is protected by the law.”

The combination of ordinary bourgeois and national-religious norms result in project of reactionary, right-conservative and clerical state that can be only compared with Salazar’s Portugal, Franco’s Spain or Dollfuss’s Austria.
Neither socialist nor anti-fascist orientation of this ” people’s republic ” is possible. Here we have the second edition of Putin’s Russia , where priests and nationalists get the status of state ideologists, and anyone can be put behind bars for abortion, homosexuality and deviation from the “traditional values”.

From: Nihilist