Report by PRUP the Trade Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine

Anti-Bribery Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has taken under its control an investigation on a case of contracts for power supply from Russia to Ukraine which were signed by “UkrInterEnergo” and Russian “RAO Inter”. It was stated by Victor Chumak, a member of the committee from a faction of “Peter Poroshenko Block”.

“A criminal process opened by the Prosecutor General’s Office lead by Victor Shoking according to facts of contracts signing by “UkrInterEnergo” for power supply from Russia to the Crimea is definitely positive moment. It’s good that public prosecutor’s office proceeded to investigate that case which was hidden by the Ministry of Energy lead by Mr. Vladimir Demchyshyn” – he stated.

Victor Chumak emphasized that the Anti-Bribery Committee would watch over the course of investigation.  “We will see the next steps. How the investigation will move. But one concern is to open a criminal process, and quite another one – to carry it to the court. Based on the experience even you can read on somebody’s face the crime, a fact of a state betrayal, national interests, excess of powers, it is very difficult to carry a case to a real court under our corrupt conditions of judicial vertical line, including law-enforcement authorities. Therefore, this process should be under the control on our side”, – he said.

According to Victor Chumak the Anti-Bribery Committee has carried on this case for some time requesting Mr. Demchyshyn to publish those contracts. “But we have not received them yet. This is a fact. The Minister is still disregarding our requests. So the only hope is an investigation which will be watched over by us”, – a people’s deputy said.

As mass media informed, a criminal process was opened in relation to officials of the Ministry of Energy du to financial flowcharts of power supply. The Ministry of Energy management along with its Ministry Mr. Demchyshyn has appeared in this case.

In law-enforcement authorities’ opinion the power supplied to the Crimea is sold cheaper that it is purchased in Russia, and Ukrainian power stations could cover nearly entire power deficiency. But according to experts it will be complicated to decline contracts with Russian “RAO Inter” since in accordance with the agreement terms and conditions all disputes can be solved only in Moscow arbitration court. Some people’s deputies requested in written form and verbally to publish text of a contract but it has not been done yet.

А.Yatsenuk threatened V.Demchyshyn

“I read information at one of the web-sites about assignments at the Ministry of Power and Mining industry. Yesterday I gave the Ministry of Energy a month’s time  that he would take under his control the entire industry and the Ministry or otherwise I would have to apply to the Parliament to make а personnel decision. In addition he will have to take under his control the assignment of managers to the state owned energy companies. There shouldn’t be Russian representatives like Grigorishyn there”, – Arseniy Yatsenuk emphasized.

“And so I will appreciate all mass media which will support first of all officials and then provide support to the Government to show up the manpower appointments”, – Prime Minister turned to journalists.

“Help Ministers and me find arguments which are not available at law-enforcement authorities regarding executives assignment”, – he applied to journalists.

Draft of the resolution of Mr. Demchyshyn’s (the Chief of the Ministry of Energy) discharge was registered at Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft of the resolution regarding dismissal of Vladimir Demchyshun, the Ministry of Power and Mining industry of Ukraine. An appropriate document was published at the official Verkhovna Rada’s site. This draft was initiated by a group of people’s deputies.

Note: Vladimir Demchyshyn – Minister of Power and Mining industry of Ukraine.

He used to be a chairman of the national committee on the performance of the government control at the spheres of energy and utilities prior to become the Minister (27 August – 3 December 2014).

He worked as a director of investment-banking services at “Investment Capital Ukraine”.

Vladimir Demchyshyn used to be a vice-president of ING Bank, a manager of corporate funds at “Ernst&Young”.

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