Yesterday Ukraine Solidarity Campaign carried reports on the miners protests from our friends at the NGPU affiliated to KVPU.  We have also received direct reports from our friends in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast from PRUP which is affiliated to the Federation of Trade Union (FPU).  

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On 28 January 2015, mine-workers from different parts of Ukraine came to Kiev to picket a building of the Cabinet of Ministers with the request to make provision in the state budget 2015 funds to support mining enterprises. A delegation of Western Donbas Dnepropetrovsk Territorial Union of the Coal-Mining Industry of Ukraine (PRUP) took an active part in the protest action.


Miners’ discontent was provoked that for the first time since Ukraine’s independence the State Budget did not make provision of funds for miner’s wages, labor protection, mining development and capital construction. At the same time the State Budget provided for funds to close mines. “This is a repression against the mining industry and a blow to its employees and their families”, – the Unions press-release says which is distributed among the participants in the action.

The number of protest action participants is about one thousand people. Mine-workers banged their hardhats on a concrete wall and shouted «Yatsenuk, come out!». The protest rally participants had Union flags and banners with the slogans: “Mine-workers pension tax – shame on the Government”, “Our coal – to Power Plants of Western region”, “the State without coal – people without light”.20531-7

Mine-workers demand that changes be made in the 2015 budget  providing for state support costs for mining companies, capital construction and upgrading, as well as labor protection.


On Dnepropetrovsk Territorial Union Organization’s PRUP initiative the action participants are demanding as follows:


  1. Make changes in Laws with the purpose of social security’s resumption for mining employees and pensioners which were in force as of 1 December 2014, and lift a moratorium on social standards and ensuring of wage adjustment for inflation.
  2. Ensure timely payment at the power market and repayment of debts for consumed mining products and power for coal-mining industry of all property forms.