FPU PicketA mass protest of Ukrainian workers was held in Kyiv on 15th October, 2014, organised by the Federation of Trade Unions – under the banner of their campaign, Ukrainian Forum of Trade Unions’ Unions for Decent Work and well-being.  The picket was held on the occasion of the International Day against poverty and the picket was held at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Ukrainian trade unionists demanded the protection of social, labour and trade union rights and interests of workers

Trade unions oppose: 

  1. Job cuts and the freezing of salaries and pensions.
  2. Budgetary savings only by cuts to working people, pensioners and members of their families.
  3. Higher prices and tariffs causing a fall in real incomes.
  4. Powerlessness of people in employment, distribution of illegal employment without legal protection and safety.
  5. Deprivation of workers and their children of sanatorium treatment and recovery, destruction of the workers self-governed social insurance system.
  6. Government failing to consult trade unions .

Amongst the demands of the Trade unions Ukraine are: 

  • Save and create modern jobs, especially for young people.
  • Pay wages and provide benefits assured by the state social insurance, particularly in the area of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and support legislative proposals of trade unions reliable protection of workers’ right to receive compensation.
  • Fight the shadow economy and tax evasion.
  • Increase by January 1, 2015 the minimum wage, pensions, a living wage not less than the rate of inflation for 2014 and restore full indexation of labour income, pensions and social benefits.
  • Eliminate discrimination in wages of public sector employees and employees in the civil service and local government.
  • In economic reforms to ensure the gradual achievement of European social standards.
  • Ensure effective social dialogue with trade unions and to start negotiations on a new General Agreement, sectoral and regional agreements, based on the principles announced by the President of Ukraine in 2020 and Strategies for Reform Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

We call on the Government to immediately start dialogue with the social partners to determine the practical tasks, deadlines, indicators and mechanisms for implementing the main goal of reform – achieving European standards of living, particularly in the areas of employment, pay, safety, taxation, social development, efficient production and employment potential, to compete in world markets.