T10514756_703597799695343_4935294737825157921_nhe Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Which is being marked by the launch of new history of their union. A key piece in the story of the union is the mass strike wave of miners in 25 years ago which gave birth to the NPGU.


“Twenty-five years ago, the Soviet Union witnessed massive miners’ strikes.
Previously unseen events began on July 11 at the Kuzbass, and in a few days the strike covered all the coal basins of the country.
Only in Ukraine strike wave involved more than 700 thousand workers. Out of it was born the first independent trade unions of miners. Using their experience, over time, they created the same in other industries, which later became the basis of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine.
The protests of miners became one of the catalysts for the collapse of the invincible (as it seemed) USSR. A quarter-century later, much has changed in this world, and not always for the better. For example, it seems (and possibly misleading) that the current generation of those in power are not so afraid of the righteous anger miners as precursors.
So, in this difficult time, we are celebrating the anniversary of the momentous event for trade unionists – the 25th anniversary of the miners’ revolution, remembering those who defend their rights, not afraid to challenge the system.
Glory to the True Heroes”