Ukrainians are living in a unique era. The ‘Euromaidan’ demonstrations in 2014 did not lead to any social reforms and did not overthrow any oligarchs except for former president Viktor Yanukovich. Neo-liberalism continues despite its failure to improve standards of living.

Members Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) were blackmailed, deprived of their bonuses, suspended from the job, evicted from the company-provided housing, and physically attacked. This story takes place in a European capital city — Kyiv, Ukraine. In April 2016 workers of the state-owned transport enterprise Kyivpastrans formed an independent union to […]

SUPPORT  THE UKRAINIAN RAILWAY WORKERS UNION The Ukrainian transport workers at the “Kyivpastrans” bus and trolleybus workplaces of Kyiv are facing increasing pressure to break their union.   The  management have engaged in violence, bullying and discriminatory measures against workers union members.  The the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine ( VPZU)  is appealing […]

We are appealing to you in connection with the outrageous pressure being applied to the local branch of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU) at the Kurenivsky trolleybus depot of Kyivpastrans Communal Enterprise.

UKRAINIAN TEACHERS PICKETED THE GOVERNEMENT On 1 November 2016, teachers of the capital organised picketing of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine protesting against the high tariffs for housing and utility services. The picketing was initiated by the Kyiv City Organisation of Education and Science Workers’ of Ukraine. All […]

In Ukraine, the state apparatus, far-right movements and patriotic citizens are working together to shut down debate and silence criticism.  March 2016: 2,000 people rally in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko at Independence Square in Kiev. (c) Sergei Chuzavkov / AP / Press Association Images. All rights reserved. Under Ukraine’s pre-Maidan criminal regime, any […]

The separatist “Lugansk people’s republic” in eastern Ukraine is using 5000 prisoners as slave labour, a report by local human rights campaigners says. The prisoners are caught in a legal no man’s land. Most of them were sentenced and jailed by the Ukrainian court system, which the “people’s republic” – established in May 2014 by […]