The workers are not fighting under the leadership of the workers’ party, but under the leadership of the Moscow oligarchs and Russian fascists (not those, of course, on the battlefields).

No to destruction of Ukrainian healthcare On 19 September, healthcare workers organised a mass protest in Kyiv in which more than 1,500 people took part. Among their basic demands are the increase in healthcare subvention of almost 4 billion UAH, higher wages and payment of arrears, and reform of the healthcare system in compliance with […]

УКРАИНА: НАЦИОНАЛЬНО-ДЕМОКРАТИЧЕСКАЯ  РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ И ПРАВЫЕ РАДИКАЛЫ Олег Дубровский Автор данного текста, опираясь на идейное наследие украинской социал-демократии первой половины XX в., исходит из следующих положений: В составе Российской империи Украина была колонией. В 1917 г. в обстановке Всероссийской социальной революции в Украине началась национально-демократическая революция. По отношению к этой революции и российский большевизм, и российское […]

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the global confederation of national trade union centres, has published its annual Global Rights Index – and Ukraine comes out badly

One of the most important and influential books published during the revolutionary period was the  До хвилі  – On the Current Situation: (What is Happening to and in Ukraine?), published at the beginning of 1919 by Serhiy Mazlakh and Vasyl Shakhray.  

The Crimean Tatars faced deportation from the peninsula under Stalin in 1944. Today, they are facing a new policy of persecution. The Crimean Tatars have existed as a community for over 700 years, after the revolution in 1917 they formed  the first democratic republic in the Islamic world , the Crimean Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic existed until […]

The Eastern Human Rights Group (EHRG) – a lawyers’ collective that gives support to individuals, workplace collectives and community groups – is working with other activists to set up territorially-based workers’ organisations that will embrace the employed, unemployed and precariously employed.