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Healthcare workers’ mass protest in Kyiv

No to destruction of Ukrainian healthcare On 19 September, healthcare workers organised a mass protest in Kyiv in which more than 1,500 people took part. Among their basic demands are the increase in healthcare subvention of almost 4 billion UAH, higher wages and payment of arrears, and reform of the healthcare system in compliance with […]

Eastern Ukraine: labour and community organising near the front line

Workplace and community organising continues in eastern Ukraine, a few kilometres from the front line. PAVEL LISYANSKY of the Eastern Human Rights Group sent this report Report by: People and Nature A meeting was held today [25 December] of representatives of workplace collectives in Svetlodarsk, 4 kilometres from the front line [near Debaltsevo in Donetsk region]. […]

Ukraine workers mobilize to defend wages, jobs, sovereignty

Ukraine workers mobilize to defend wages, jobs, sovereignty BY NAOMI CRAINE  The Militant  (USA) March 16, 2015 Miners and airport workers in Ukraine are fighting to defend their jobs and against the rapid erosion of living conditions amid a deepening capitalist economic crisis. A cease-fire between Moscow-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces is, for the moment, […]