An Brief History of Ukraine

Video of forum with John-Paul Himka and book list Following our event an Introduction to the History of Ukraine with historian John-Himka we are providing a list of books on Ukraine which may be of interest and help develop understanding of Ukraine. Books on Ukrainian History Magocsi, Paul Robert. Ukraine: A Historical Atlas. Toronto: … Continue reading An Brief History of Ukraine

Ten Turning Points: A Brief History of Ukraine

John-Paul Himka The current war being waged on Ukraine has provoked a surge of support for the people of Ukraine.  To help a greater understanding of Ukraine we are hosting an online event on 21 April 8:00 PM (London time) with the Ukrainian historian John-Paul Himka:  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HISTORY OF UKRAINE.  In advance … Continue reading Ten Turning Points: A Brief History of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Socialist Heritage

By John-Paul Himka May Day in the then Austrian ruled West Ukrainian city of Lviv, ealry 1900's. Putin’s Russia is raining destruction down on the citizens and infrastructure of Ukraine, supposedly in the name of the “denazification” of the country. The Russian president and his propaganda machine have been greatly exaggerating the strength of neofascist … Continue reading Ukraine’s Socialist Heritage

Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust

New Book by John-Paul Himka An important new book by the respected Ukrainian historian John-Paul Himka is now available - Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust, OUN and UPA’s Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941–1944.  Published in the  Ukrainian Voices  series by ibidem Verlag. John-Paul Himka is the author of a number of important … Continue reading Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust