The 2022 Labour Party Annual Conference takes place in Liverpool from Sunday 25 to Wednesday 28 September.  Every CLP, trade union and other affiliated organisations are entitled to send delegates and motions to Annual Conference. The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has produced a model motion which takes a clear position of solidarity with Ukraine and its’s labour movement.  Please submit this motion to your local CLP meeting for September, and call on your trade union to submit or support the motion.

Support Ukraine, support its labour movement

Conference notes:
1. That Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to tens of thousands of 
deaths; nine million fleeing Ukraine and ten million internally 
displaced; horrendous human rights abuses by Russian forces; and a 
global food crisis.

Conference believes:
1. That Russia’s war, waged by the power that oppressed Ukraine for 
centuries, is unjustified, unprovoked imperialist aggression.
2. For the sake of democracy, anti-imperialism and resisting growing 
authoritarian tendencies globally, Ukraine must win.
3. That Western governments have not given Ukrainians sufficient 
weapons to liberate their country.
4. That the Tory government has accepted few refugees and failed to 
adequately support them. It has promoted attacks on workers’ rights in 

Conference resolves:

1. To declare solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their labour 
movement resisting the invasion.

2. That Labour will campaign for:
a. A free united Ukraine, with any peace deal determined by the people 
of Ukraine.
b. The increased military aid necessary to liberate Ukraine, including 
modern tanks, aircraft and artillery.
c. Justice for victims of war crimes, including POWs killed.
d. Lifting of restrictions on refugees fleeing Ukraine; safe routes, 
sanctuary and equality for those fleeing all conflicts and persecution.
e. Cancellation of Ukraine’s debt, for a just reconstruction.

3. That the party will also:
a. Support Ukrainian and global trade union opposition to attacks on 
workers’ rights there.
b. Promote Ukrainian union fundraising appeals.
c. Encourage CLPs to invite Ukrainian labour movement speakers.
d. Call a national day of action, Labour Supports Ukraine

Unions deliver aid to Ukrainian miners resisting the invasion