Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the mining communities of Donbas have faced relentless attack and bombardment.  In response mine workers through their trade unions and labour collectives have organised to aid and support to the resistance, helping miners in the volunteer Territorial Defence Force, local battalions of the National Guard and the Armed Forces.

The National Union of Mineworkers, an affiliate to the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has received a direct appeal for assistance from PRUP ( The Trade Union of Workers of the Coal Industry of Ukraine) in the city of Pavlograd in the Western Donbas area.   

Serhiy Glinchenko, who worked at the Dniprovska mine,  killed resisting the invasion

PRUP in Pavlograd has declared it has been ‘doing everything possible to impede the victory of the Russian invaders’, assisting resistance and internally displaced persons, providing transport to evacuate  civilians from the combat zone and helping rehouse them.  

PRUP has appealed directly for assistance, Sergey Yunak Head of the Western Donbas Miners Union, has written that ‘Nobody could have even imagined that our mine-workers would leave shovels, jackhammers and take up arms to defend their motherland in the 21st century’.   The NUM has written an appeal which is being supported by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Pavlograd miners at the Durham Miners Gala

Appeal for financial assistance from PRUP (Coal Mining Trade Union in the Ukraine).

The NUM like others was horrified at the invasion by Russia of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Like other Trade Unions we have made donations to assist with humanitarian aid to ease the suffering of Trade Union members and the general public that has resulted from the invasion.

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has a long-standing association with the Mining Union PRUP in the Ukraine and has taken part in numerous visits to the Ukraine and facilitated visits for PREP members and Officials to the UK. PRUP’s President Sergey Yunak spoke on the platform at the Durham Miners Gala a few years ago on one of the delegations.

The NUM have received a request directly from PRUP for financial assistance to equip their members who are now having to swap from mining coal to defending their homes, families and communities.

The request is to provide financial assistance to buy thermal imagers, sleeping bags, first aid kits and two 4×4 pickup vehicles.

At the Durham Miners Gala, NUM General Secretary Chris Kitchen, Durham Miners Chair Stephen Guy and Secretary Alan Mardghum, former ASLEF General Secretary Tosh McDonal.  Supporting Ukraine’s workers in struggle.

Already the NUM, GMB and ASLEF have made substantial contributions to aid the ‘soldier-mineworkers’ in Pavlograd.    

With our trade union supporters, the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is making an urgent appeal to aid the resistance of the mineworkers in Donbas region of Ukraine.

We have launched a financial appeal with a target of  £20,000 to provide the aid that is needed or the miners engages in the struggle to defend their communities from the invasion.

Donations can be made directly to the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign – our bank account details are below:

The Cooperative Bank

Sort Code: 089299

Account Number: 65440841

If you can please reference the donation as:  PRUP

The aid the soldier mineworkers need.

Please send donations now to provide direct assistance to the resistance in Ukraine.

A Local meeting in the mining city of Pavlograd to form the Territorial Defence force.