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We, feminists from Ukraine, call on feminists around the world to stand in solidarity with the resistance movement of the Ukrainian people against the predatory, imperialist war unleashed by the Russian Federation. War narratives often portray women* as victims. However, in reality, women* also play a key role in resistance movements, both at the frontline and on the home front: from Algeria to Vietnam, from Syria to Palestine, from Kurdistan to Ukraine.

The authors of the Feminist Resistance Against War manifesto deny Ukrainian women* this right to resistance, which constitutes a basic act of self-defense of the oppressed. In contrast, we view feminist solidarity as a political practice which must listen to the voices of those directly affected by imperialist aggression. Feminist solidarity must defend women’s* right to independently determine their needs, political goals, and strategies for achieving them. Ukrainian feminists were struggling against systemic discrimination, patriarchy, racism, and capitalist exploitation long before the present moment. We conducted and will continue to conduct this struggle both during war and in peacetime. However, the Russian invasion is forcing us to focus on the general defense effort of Ukrainian society: the fight for survival, for basic rights and freedoms, for political self-determination. We call for an informed assessment of a specific situation instead of abstract geopolitical analysis which ignores the historical, social and political context. Abstract pacifism which condemns all sides taking part in the war leads to irresponsible solutions in practice. We insist on the essential difference between violence as a means of oppression and as a legitimate means of self-defense.

The Russian aggression undermines the achievements of Ukrainian feminists in the struggle against political and social oppression. In the occupied territories, the Russian army uses mass rape and other forms of gender-based violence as a military strategy. The establishment of the Russian regime in these territories poses the threat of criminalizing LGBTIQ+ people and decriminalizing domestic violence. Throughout Ukraine, the problem of domestic violence is becoming more acute. Vast destruction of civilian infrastructure, threats to the environmental, inflation, shortages, and population displacement endanger social reproduction. The war intensifies gendered division of labor, further shifting the work of social reproduction – in especially difficult and precarious conditions – onto women. Rising unemployment and the neoliberal government’s attack on labor rights continue to exacerbate social problems. Fleeing from the war, many women* are forced to leave the country, and find themselves in a vulnerable position due to barriers to housing, social infrastructure, stable income, and medical services (including contraception and abortion). They are also at risk of getting trapped into sex trafficking.

We call on feminists from around the world to support our struggle. We demand:

– the right to self-determination, protection of life and fundamental freedoms, and the right to self-defense (including armed) for the Ukrainian people – as well as for other peoples facing imperialist aggression;

– a just peace, based on the self-determination of the Ukrainian people, both in the territories controlled by Ukraine and its temporarily occupied territories, in which the interests of workers, women, LGBTIQ+ people, ethnic minorities and other oppressed and discriminated groups will be taken into account;

– international justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity during the imperialist wars of the Russian Federation and other countries;

– effective security guarantees for Ukraine and effective mechanisms to prevent further wars, aggression, escalation of conflicts in the region and in the world;

– freedom of movement, protection and social security for all refugees and internally displaced persons irrespective of origin;

– protection and expansion of labor rights, opposition to exploitation and super exploitation, and democratization of industrial relations;

– prioritization of the sphere of social reproduction (kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, social support, etc.) in the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war;

– cancellation of Ukraine’s foreign debt (and that of other countries of the global periphery) for post-war reconstruction and prevention of further austerity policies;

– protection against gender-based violence and guaranteed effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention;

– respect for the rights and empowerment of LGBTIQ+ people, national minorities, people with disabilities and other discriminated groups;

– implementation of the reproductive rights of girls and women, including the universal rights to sex education, medical services, medicine, contraception, and abortion;

– guaranteed visibility for and recognition of women’s active role in the anti-imperialist struggle;

– inclusion of women in all social processes and decision-making, both during war and in peacetime, on equal terms with men;

Today, Russian imperialism threatens the existence of Ukrainian society and affects the entire world. Our common fight against it requires shared principles and global support. We call for feminist solidarity and action to protect human lives as well as rights, social justice, freedom, and security.

We stand for the right to resist.

If Ukrainian society lays down its arms, there will be no Ukrainian society.

If Russia lays down its arms, the war will end.

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As of 12.07.2022, 505 people and 46 organizations signed the manifesto.

Individual signatures

Victoria Pigul, Feminist, activist of “Social Movement”

Oksana Dutchak, Feminist, co-editor of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism

Oksana Potapova, Feminist activist, researcher)

Anna Khvyl, Feminist, composer, curator

Daria Saburova, Researcher, member of the “European Network of Solidarity with Ukraine” 

Hanna Manoilenko, Activist at FemSolution collective

Hanna Perekhoda, Member of the “European Network of Solidarity with Ukraine”, “Comité Ukraine Vaud” and “solidaritéS Vaud”

Iryna Yuzyk, Human rights activist, journalist

Ana More, Journalist at “Hromadske radio”, activist human rights activist

Valerija Zubatenko, Human rights activist

Marta Guda, IT worker

Victoria Vidiborets, Feminist blogger and activist 

Olga Kostina, Member of the initiative group “Equals in Kryvyi Rih” promoting and supporting gender equality in the city of Kryvyi Rih

Natalia L., Co-author of a fanzine about women and trans people in precarious work settings

Marta Chumalo, Feminist

Veronika Kanigina, Student, feminist

Kateryna Mischenko, Publisher

Anastasia Sereda, Teacher, intersectional feminist

Oleksandra Manko, Feminist activist

Oleksandra Lysogor, Feminist activist

Olga Martynyuk, Senior lecturer at the History Department of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Alona Lyasheva, Member of the editorial board of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism 

Anastasia Grychkowska, Activist, student

Lilya Badekha, Independent feminist 

Kateryna Semchuk, Queer feminist, journalist, co-editor of Politychna Krytyka

Nargiza Shkrobotko, Member of the Association of Femencamp graduates

Yaryna Degtyar, Member of “Feminist Workshop” 

Ksenia Shaloimenko, Journalist

Mariyana Teklyuk, Member the feminist group “Resistanta”

Anastasia Chebotaryova, Member of the “Feminist Lodge”, a grassroots initiative of young feminists 

Yustyna Kravchuk, Author, translator, Visual Culture Research Center/Kyiv Biennale

Daria Gorobets, Member of “Yafa”, a feminist group from Zaporijjia

Maryna Usmanova, Head of the feminist organization “Insha”

Maria Kanigina, Student 

Oksana Kis, Researcher, member of the Ukrainian Association of Women’s History Researchers

Julia Vlaskina, Musician

Tamara Martseniuk, Assistant professor at the Sociology Department of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Hanna Tsyba, Cultural studies scholar, curator of cultural projects, journalist

Liza Kuzmenko, Head of the NGO “Women in Media”

Karyna Lazaruk, Media researcher, infographer

Anastasia Fischenko, Student at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, member of the vegan and anarchist organization “Solidarity Kitchen”

Tamara Khurtsidze, Student, volunteer

Nadia Parfan, Film director, producer, curator of cultural projects

Tamara Zlobina, Editor-in-chief of the online media resource “Gender in detail” 

Golovan Marya, Activist of the initiative group “Equals in Kryvyi Rih”, supporting women and defending their rights

Julia Lutiy-Moroz, Member of the “FemSolution” collective

Oleksandra Yakovleva, Medical worker, feminist, LGBT+ activist, volunteer at a horizontal organization specialised in humanitarian aid and provision of military personnel with necessary protective equipment and medicine

Daria Neopochatova, Psychologist

Oksana Slobodyana, Nurse, medical workers’ labor rights activist, co-founder of the nurses’ union “Be like Nina

Olena Tarasik, Member of the initiative group “Equals in Kryvyi Rih”

Svitlana Babenko, Scholar and educational worker, head of the Gender Studies program at the Taras Shevchenko National University

Oksana Briukhovetska, Artist, art curator

Hanna Dovgopol, Coordinator of the “Gender Democracy” program at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Kyiv-Ukraine Office

Oksana Pavlenko, Editor-in-chief of the

Oksana Popadyuchenko, Business analyst at Ukrnafta

Iryna Dobrovynska, Freelancer

Zach Orliva, Psychologist

Maryna G., Autonomous activist

Anastasia Shevelyova, Designer

Victoria Narizhna, Translator, cultural manager

Maya Bicek, Designer at grouping salt 

Ganna Kasyanova, Artist 

Ninel Strelkovska, Learning experience designer 

Kateryna Pankiv, Psychologist 

Natalka Cheh, Grassroots activist

Olena Dyachenko, Illustrator 

Katya Chizayeva, Dancer 

Anna Pochtarenko, Feminist

Maryna Shevtsova, PhD, postdoctoral researcher 

Yulia Yurchenko, Political economist at Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability Institute, University of Greenwich, UK

Christine Sobko, ECOM

Svitlana Dubina, Human rights activist

Yana Dziґa, Grassroots activist, social communicator 

Svitlana Libet, Author and editor

Anna Litvinova, Feminist, LGBT and lesbian activist 

Olga Papash, Culture researcher, community activist 

Kateryna Tarasyuk, Lecturer in Slavic languages and cultures at the University of Strasbourg

Olya Fedorova, Artist

Kateryna Turenko, Activist in the feminist initiative “FemSolution”, editor, artist

Anastasia Ryabchuk, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, NaUKMA, member of the editorial board of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism

Tonya Melnik, Artist, queer feminist activist, member of the ReSew clothing cooperative

Olga Vesnianka, Co-founder of the campaign against sexism Povaha, women rights defender

Vita Bazan, Kinesthetics

Nastya Melnichenko, Community activist

Victoria Demidova, International organization

Julia Knyupa, Visual facilitator

Kateryna Tyaglo, Writer, copywriter, social scientist

Kateryna Andriivna Kostrova, Feminist, social activist

Julia Knyaziuk, Association “Positive Women” in Ivano-Frankivsk, protection of women’s rights

Lillia Grinyuk, Association “Positive Women” 

Julia Dupeshko-Jus, Community activist, feminist, member of “Steps to the Future” and “One of Us” initiative

Diana Asadcheva, Activist of the LBTQI+ organization “Insight”

Natalia Omelchuk, activist, co-organizer of the “One of Us” initiative

Natalia Titiyova, NGO “ Ukraine – Time to unite”

Olena Gulenok, Sociologist, researcher

Viktoria K., FemSolution

Marta Havryshko, Researcher of sexual violence in war

Olha Zaiarna, Peacebuilding, women’s cooperation for human security

Yulia Liutyi-Moroz, Activist of FemSolution

Nataliya Vyshnevetska, NGO “D.O.M.48.24” (women’s rights, IDPs)

Olha Kukula, Project manager, NGO “D.O.M.48.24”, trainer on sexual education, tutoress in “Nevhamovni”

Tetiana Slobodian, Activist

Yulia Kulish, PhD student of the Department of Literature Studies, NaUKMA

Valeria Lazarenko, Feminist, academic researcher

Dmytro Kruhlov, IT

Svitlana Drozd, Actress, programming teacher

Ruslana Koziienko, Anthropologist

Daria Yemtsova, Historian in the Memorials Brandenburg an der Havel

Yuliia Kishchuk, Researcher

Hanna Syniavska, Front-end developer

Anna Nikitina, Feminist

Lilia Hryhorieva, Member of the Union of communication workers of Ukraine

Alina Bilokonenko, Editor at a publishing house

Khrystyna Liakh, Feminist, journalist, volunteer in charity foundation “Patronus” 

Oleksandra Zimko, Editor, translator, feminist and LGBTQ+ activist

Anastasia Semilutska, Teacher

Anastasia Rudnitska, Dance trainer

Ania Kudrinova, Teacher, student

Masha Lukianova, artist, activist, member of the sewing cooperatives ReSew and Shvemy

Daria, IT

Oleksandr Kravchuk, economist, co-editor of Commons: Journal of Social Criticism

Olha Larina, Artist, designer

Diana Melnykova, Linguist

Olena Martynchuk, Anthropologist, curator

Anna Kovalchuk, Feminist

Roksolana Vynnyk, NGO “D.O.M.48.24”

Artur Sumarokov, Playwright and cinema critic

Maria Holovan, activist of the initiative group “Equals in Kryvyi Rih”

Yulia Kharchenko, Dance teacher

Ekaterina Lisovenko, Artist

Denys Nikula, Programmer

Iryna Shevchuk, Housewife

Tetiana Reznikova, Psychologist

Larysa Opria, Feminist

Kateryna Khanieva, Feminist

Kateryna Polevianenko, Product designer

Tetiana Shymanchuk, Student, feminist

Daria Siomina, Feminist activist

Svitlana Vozniak, Housewife

Maryna Rudnytska, Lawyer

Liudmyla Tiurnikova, Entrepreneur

Maria Bakalo, Teacher of modern dance

Victoria Amelina, Writer, founder of the New York Literature Festival, member of PEN Ukraine

Olena Zaitseva, Lawyer

Taisia Fedorova, Editor

Oleksandra Renuar, Proletar of the digital labor

Svitlana Matviyenko, Digital Democracy Institute, School of Communication, SFU

Halyna Kotliuk, Gender expert

Mariana Bodnaruk, PhD, postdoc

Polina Melnyk, Designer

Natalia Hoshylyk, Sientist, head of the NGO “Center of Communication Resrarch”

Maria Zaharina, Self-employed

Volodymyr Dmytrychenko, Employee

Andrea Fedorchenko, Graduate student

Veronika Haniechko, Lecturer

Anna Chymak, Feminist

Daria Berezovska, University graduate

Nina Lakhno, Communication sector

Iryna Syza, Psychologist

Svitlana Bezsmertna, Analyst

Svitlana Panchuk, Poetess, feminist

Andrea Braschayko, Journalist

Mariia Podziriei, IT-worker

Anastasiia Zhelezko, IIR student, volunteer

Oksana Kozachenko, Economist

Roksana Zgurska, Interpretator

Karyna Lazaruk, Designer

Iryna Diedusheva, SMM specialist, journalist

Lilia Mukomelets, HR manager

Olena Syniavska, marketing

Yana K., Student, volunteer

Liudmyla Bohdan, Feminist, co-founder of the feminist Facebook-community “Antyberehynia” 

Tetiana Rostovska, Feminist, social worker

Kateryna Rostovska, Feminist, student 

Olha Dudenko, Editor, author


Feministychna Maisternia /Feminist Workshop, Feminist organization

Rebel Queers, Feminist organization

Feministychna Loga/Feminist lodge, Grassroots feminist organization currently providing vulnerable women and their families with humanitarian aid

Sfera/Sphere, Organization representing the LGBT+ community and the women of Eastern Ukraine

Insha/Different, LGBTQI+ feminist and inclusive organization from city of Kherson

FemSolution, Grassroots feminist initiative

Insait/Insight, LGBTQI+ organization

Center for Social and Gender Studies ”New Life”, Human rights organization specialized in gender mainstreaming and struggle against gender based violence 

Development of Democracy Center, Human rights organization

Khlib Nasushnyi/Daily Bread, Horizontal freeganic cooperative, engaging in food activism

QueerLab, Cooperative that provides workplaces and/or necessary services and products to refugees

Institute of Gender Programs, Organization promoting human rights and gender equality in the defense sector in the context of Russian aggression

D.O.M.48.24, women’s rights, development of social entrepreneurship, development of culture 

Sotsialnyi Rukh/Social movement, Left organization that stands on the principles of people’s power, anticapitalism, antixenophobia

Politychna Diya Zhinok/Political action of women, Defending women’s political rights

Ekolohichna Platforma/Ecological platform, Eco-anarchists

NGO “Center of Gender Culture”, gender education