I’ve been targeted by a Russian hack-and-leak operation

Paul Mason

Last week an attempt was made to hack my encrypted and secure email account. The circumstances of the attack suggest it is highly likely that a Russian state or state-backed unit carried out the attack. I have informed the police and the NCSC.

Today, materials purporting to be emails and other content from me were published by the Grayzone, a US blog. In the process, Grayzone may have risked exposure of my confidential journalistic sources.

I make no comment on such materials, which may be altered or faked. Grayzone’s publication has the effect of assisting a Russian state-backed hack-and-leak disinformation campaign.

My determination to expose and counter Russian disinformation campaigns, and attacks on our democracy, is well known. I will not be deterred from this.

I urge my colleagues in the Labour and trade union movement to remain vigilant against the information war being waged upon us.

Paul Mason

Republished from paulmasonnews.medium.com

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