This May Day weekend Ukraine Solidarity Campaign joined with Russian Against the War in calling a protest at the Russian Embassy on Saturday 30 April.  The protest united activists of the labour movement with Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Belarussians  in opposition to the Putin regime and the war on Ukraine.  There were calls for freedom for Russian political prisoners, arms for Ukraine and end to the war.

John McDonnell MP ‘It is a fight for democracy accross the globe.’
John McDonnell MP speaking outside the Russian Embassy
Mick Antoniw Labour Member of the Welsh Parliament called for justice for the victims of war crimes
Elizaveta Krepkova of Russians Against the War
‘Russians Against the War
Yuliya Yurchenko of Sotsialny Rukh (Ukraine)
Russian oppoitionist Alexiy speaking

Thank you to to Russians Against the War for the above pictures