The history of Ukraine is one of oppression and the struggle of the people against it.   A country the size of France it is one of the richest territories in Europe in terms of its natural resources, farming land and minerals, but rival powers sought to exploit Ukraine and deny it self-determination.   In response the people of Ukraine have engaged in repeated struggles for greater freedom and independence.  A knowledge of this history is crucial to understanding the current war on Ukraine.

Join us on Thursday 21 April 8:00 pm (London time) to hear Prof John-Paul Himka outline An Introduction to the History of Ukraine. 

There will also be an opportunity for questions from everyone who registers to attend the event.

A broad panel from the labour movement across the UK will also be posing key questions on the history of Ukraine.  Including Mick Antoniw,  Member of the Welsh Parliament, Angela Paton a member of UNITE Community,John Moloney Asst General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, Paul Inglis is a member of UNISON, Maria Exall of the Communication Workers Union and TUC Executive Committee.

We will be joined by Vladyslav Starodubtsev from Sotsialny Rukh (Social Movement) of Ukraine who will speak live from Kyiv on the importance of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.

Join here via the Webinar Registration:  An Introduction to the History of Ukraine

Read John Paul Himka’s: Ten Turning Points: A Brief History of Ukraine