Come down to the 1865 on Thursday 24th March, have fun and listen to live music in support of those affected by events in Ukraine.

Come down to the 1865 at 6:30pm on the 24th March to listen to some brilliant live music, and show support for those affected by devastating events in Ukraine.

“Us musicians are fundraising by doing what we do best, entertaining with our music. But we hope by entertaining you on the 24th March, we can help to raise some vital funds for those affected by this discgraceful war, irrespective of their race, religion or background”

“This is an inclusive event, so please let’s remain peaceful. It’s not our job to take sides, but to support all victims of war.”

Entry is Free!! Please indicate your interest on our Facebook page so we’re able to guage numbers: 

Donations encouraged, as little or as much as you’re able.

*If you are financially unable to donate, please still come down, your presence and support is meaningful and greatly appreciated.

A Message From Momentum Southampton 

“The Ukrainian people need your help.

On 24th February Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian cities are encircled and subjected to relentless bombardment. Millions have fled and millions are trapped. There’s a growing humanitarian crisis, water and electricity is cut off, food supplies and medicines are running short.

Putin has denied Ukraine’s right to exist, claiming the country is a fiction invented by Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

Putin also blames the invasion on NATO. While we do not support NATO intervention and neither do we think they’re a force for good, it’s not they who have invaded Ukraine.

This invasion is nothing to do with self-defence or protecting Russian speakers in Ukraine. It is a crude imperialist land grab, a plundering of Ukraine’s rich resources.

We demand that Russia removes its troops from Ukraine. Ukraine has the right to self-determination and the right to defend itself.

We also demand the British government provide as much support as possible to Ukrainian refugees.

War is not in the interest of working class people, it’s they who suffer the most. Working class people have more in common with each other than those who declare war and order them to fight.

Yes to workers solidarity, yes to solidarity with Ukraine.”