Volunteers of Black Flag in Kyiv

On February 22, on the eve of the war, we outlined two scenarios of a semi-colonial country’s struggle for independence following a formula drawn by Mao Zedong. So on February 24, these scenarios changed places. Since Putin declared war on Ukraine, we are dealing with the following option:

“In the event of the imperialists’ aggressive war against such a country, its various classes, except a small bunch of national traitors, may temporarily rally together to wage a national war against imperialism. And here the contradiction between imperialism and this country becomes the chief contradiction, but the contradiction between different classes within this country temporarily retreat to secondary and take a subordinate position.”

That’s why we immediately joined the defense of the country.

What are the most important moments to celebrate these days:

1. The imperialists’ aggressive war against our country in itself, when enemy troops entered the territory of Ukraine and carry out shelling – this is unacceptable in any way, even if Putin had the most “minimal” or “modest” requirements to Ukraine like “change of government” or “re-election” – this invasion deserves anyway the all-round resistance.

2. The more demands Putin turned out all the way not modest! This is pure big state chauvinism. Already in the war speech, he announced “referendums” in the southeastern regions, their “decommunization” in the sense of deukrainization, separation from Ukraine, establishment of Russian statehood there with the subsequent Russification. The same in an even more threatening form Putin confirmed at a press conference a few days after the war began, when “questioned” the future of any Ukrainian sovereignty in general, obviously throughout Ukraine. Probably it is not necessary to explain further that all this ethnocide would not be a peaceful process, but a terrorist one against the population of Ukraine.

3. The nationwide heroic resistance received by the occupiers has led to more and more rapid fascization, the nacification of the entire Putinist environment—both military, civilian, private, and leadership. Let’s not put all these screens and quotes from their Telegram channels now – there are plenty of them. We can do it later in a separate article. Now take a word for it. It expresses an absolutely human ideology.

Since their illusions of meeting flowers have been dispersed and “the hoes turned out to be the wrong bees that give the wrong honey”, they respectively explain that now “all hoels are Nazis” and deserve carpet bombing. They are smilingly comparing themselves to American war criminals in Vietnam, while Ukrainian civilians to Vietnamese civilians who were mass-destroyed by napalm and phosphorus by the Americans. Russian propagandists and their audience find it very funny and they are making memes about it. It’s about semi-official telegram channels of Putinists, which have a direct relation to Russian authorities, security agencies and army, not about some marginals. These are just a couple of examples, to make it clear who we are dealing with. And so in general, there are a lot of examples. This is their general trend.

4. All the days since the beginning of the war, similar tendencies in the Putinist environment have only been growing and with it the intensity and severity of the shelling and destruction of Ukrainian cities, leading to thousands of civilian casualties. In particular they are killing our children meaning our future. So far, this is the only thing they are capable of after numerous military defeats. Whether they will move to maximizing this vector, that is, to the politics of the most mass and targeted genocide, remains an open question, but it is also not excluded.

5. Now Peskov says Russia reportedly agrees to renounce “denacification” and “demilitarization” in exchange for recognition of Crimea and the “Republic of Donbass.” This could tell both that it is difficult or impossible for them to continue the war (their troops have suffered colossal losses in manpower and equipment, and they are highly demoralized) and that it is just a hoax. Russian imperialists in history deceived many times, and not only us. You shouldn’t believe them or think that in one moment they stopped being ukrainophobes and criminals.

6. Partly happened what we predicted in the beginning of the pre-war article: “Maybe just the latest events with the gone Putin and the reaction of the degenerative West to this, and all the other tin that further sweeps on us, will finally force all of our society think about what it did before and what now what to do to fix all this? “.

It seems that society is slowly beginning to think, and the general masses and even President Zelensky and other higher officials are increasingly skeptical and critical of NATO and Western imperialists in general, expressing the idea that it should be stopped come on your own and take care of national interests.

Ukraine still needs the support of all countries in the world, including Western countries, and must demand and force them to provide this support. But the feeling of discontent that exists with the West, it is very important for all Ukrainians to remember this feeling and maintain it until Putin and his horde are finally defeated. This is needed to prevent after the war Ukraine from being made into the dictatorship of Western imperialists, who will again rob our country and impose their liberal pseudo values on us and our children. Thousands of Ukrainians who die today clearly do not want this. Therefore, we keep the ideological course on achieving the true independence of Ukraine after the victory over the Russian aggressor.

At this point, it is without exaggeration to say that we are proud of our people and hope that they will be able to do many more feats in the future!

Our platoon, which consists of activists of the “Black Flag” and comrades have been participating in the defense of Kiev for a week. Anyone who wants to support us on the volunteer initiative – write in private messages of our community on Facebook or in our telegram bot. Also message there for any other questions.

You can help materially our military initiative by the following details:

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