Solidarity with Ukraine Rally 8:00 pm – GMT – 14 March.

Join us to hear from Ukrainian resistance activists and voices from across the labour movement.

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International Online Rally:

Russian Troops Out! Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

John McDonnell MP

Ivanna Khrapko, Chairman at the Youth Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine

Denys Pilash Sotisalny Rukh (Social Movement) of Ukraine

Yuliya Yurchenko Sotisalny Rukh (Social Movement) of Ukraine

Alena Ivanova, Another Europe is Possible

Chris Kitchen General Secretary NUM

Mick Whelan General Secretary ASLEF

Mick Antoniw MS and Counsel General for Wales

Paul Mason Journalist and Author


Ukrainian cities are under attack, join us to hear the testimonies of activists of the labour movement on the ground in Ukraine. Alongside trade unionists and activists just returned from Ukraine, join us to hear why we must build solidarity with the people of Ukraine.