Solidarity with the Resistance of the Ukrainian People!  Russian Troops Out Now!

Model Motion to Labour Party and Trade Unions

This branch/CLP condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we recognise that a victory of Putin in Ukraine will be a success for reactionary and authoritarian politics across the world.

We call for peace through the self-determination, for Russian troops to cease fire and leave all Ukrainian territory immediately.

We support Ukraine’s right to self-defence, and express solidarity with the people’s resistance, above all to the trade union movement, socialists and social movements, whose members are fighting at the front, and conducting civil resistance.

We say victory for the just war of the people of Ukraine!

We call for the escalation of sanctions on the Russian oligarchs and the war economy of the Russian Federation, close all tax evasion and wealth hoarding of oligarchs

We call for the sequestration of Russian state and oligarchs assets in the UK and their redistribution to the victims of the war on Ukraine.

We congratulate the dockers in Merseyside and worker in Kent who refused to unload Russian oil in solidarity with Ukraine, we call on our trade unions to ballot for union sanctions on the Russian Federation.

We supports the provision of all necessary arms, including anti-aircraft weapons and medical help to Ukraine, unconditionally and as a matter of urgency.

We demand the UK open its borders to all refugees from Ukraine, lifting all visa restrictions, we call for the creation of humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians and provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We call for a transition from reliance on Russian oil and gas exports by the means of a transition to green energy – stop fuelling Putin’s war machine.

We call for the convening of an immediate conference of Ukraine’s creditors to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt, as demanded by the Social Movement of Ukraine.

This branch/CLP resolves to affiliate to Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, and to send its banner onto demonstrations called by the Campaign and to demonstrations called by the Ukrainian community.