Ukrainian Socialists Condemn Intervention in Donbas

Statement of ‘Sotsialnyi Ruh’: Recognition of LDPR by Russia is criminal play of Russian Imperialism

📌 Russia’s recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics is a criminal game played by Russian imperialism Declaration of “Social Movement”, Kyiv 21 February 2022 recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics is an imperialist crime against peace. Social Movement considers the legitimation of the self-declared “republics” on the territory of Ukraine not only as an open contempt for the principle of inviolability of its territorial integrity but also as a threat of war horror against peaceful Ukrainian residents and potentially for the whole world. Putin puts forward absurdities to justify this step: he came forward as someone called upon to correct the “mistakes” of Vladimir Lenin who recognised the right of nations to self-determination. It is impossible to foresee what further action Russia will take insofar as its leadership has shown it is not guided by legal norms but by imperial ambitions.

📌 Only a social and democratic Ukraine can withstand an authoritarian, oligarchic Russian Federation. Preservation of the independence of our country depends on our rejection of the model of oligarchic capitalism. That must include the nationalisation of the financial system and strategic enterprises, confiscation of items of luxury wealth, and prohibiting the removal of capital from the country. Without such measures the burdensome costs of war will fall on the poor people in Ukraine. In order to democratise and unite our society we must do away with the infamous decommunization laws.

📌 The road to peace in Ukraine runs through global solidarity. Getting out of this crisis depends above all on conquering the mistrust between people, who are now divided by state borders or by a military front. We call on progressive movements in countries of the West to convince their governments to write off Ukraine’s foreign debt. We wish Russia’s left movements every success in their struggle to demilitarise the Russian Federation. We appeal to the inhabitants of the self-declared republics to fight together with the rest of Ukraine for socialism and freedom. We will show that the world is united in its strivings for peace and a life of dignity for all.