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In September Marko Bojcun’s book, The Workers Movement and the National Question in Ukraine, 1897-1918, was published. A number of forums have been held with discussion and debate on this important history of the Ukrainian Revolution which can be viewed below:

The Workers’ Movement and the National Question in Ukraine


Series: Historical Materialism Book Series, Volume: 229

Marko Bojcun explores the social democratic workers’ movement in the Ukrainian provinces of the Russian Empire and its impact on the course of the 1917 Revolution. The focus here is on the Ukrainian, Jewish and Russian parties, the sections of the labour movement they built, the national inequality and oppression that they confronted and the political solutions they pursued. This study traces the workers’ movement from its inception through to the First World War, the outbreak of revolution in 1917, formation of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the country’s descent in 1918 into civil war and foreign interventions.