Since the beginning of 2021 political repression in Russia has become more intense. By the beginning of the summer of 2021 any possibility of open Resistance – for the left, for liberals, and for nationalists – has effectively been liquidated. The country is heading towards totalitarian racism – a Russian form of fascism.

The Left Resistance calls the attention of the entire Opposition to the necessity of defending all the regime’s political prisoners – the leader of the Left Resistance Daria Polyudovaya and all others. 80 years ago German Nazism attacked our motherland, but now it is the fascist regime within our country which is eliminating all the honest and brave people in the country. What is needed is the unity of all anti-rascist forces in the country in solidarity with all political prisoners, and for the liberation of the country from the fascist regime.
Let us be victorious together!

Daria Polyudovaya leader of Left Resistance with Russian left-wing oppositionists.