No automatic alt text available.The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (KVPU) has published shocking new information that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has ordered management to spy on the activities of the independent miners union.  The KVPU report on this attack on trade union freedoms is published below

SBU calls on people to inform on activities of the independent trade unions

The management of the state enterprise “Myrnohrad”coalmine received a letter from the Pokrov inter-regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine in the oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The SBU calls for information on the activities of independent trade unionsThe correspondence contains a directive to urgently inform the SBU about the activities of local independent trade unions of miners of Ukraine. The organs of the SBU have demanded that employers give them information about the activities of the trade unions including holding meetings, conferences and other preparations/measures, like the manifestation of intentions to hold protests in the mining community, the picketing of administrative buildings, strikes, the lowering of enthusiasm in the mines, hunger strikes etc.

“It is surprising that the SBU is not at all worried about corruption in the mining industry or the indebtedness in wages” commented the head of the Confederation of independent trade unions in Ukraine and the Independent miners union in Ukraine, Mykhailo Volynets. “The debt for the miners of the state enterprise “Selydiv coalmine” is 100 million hryvni. The situation is not any better in the coalmines of the state enterprise “Myrnohrad”coalmine, where they owe the miners a large sum of back pay. Nevertheless the structures of SBU are not moved by the fact that people, who work in difficult conditions, cannot buy necessary goods or even the cheapest medication, that they cannot pay for municipal services … In fact, they have been robbed of the possibility to satisfy their smallest needs. I have repeatedly said and continue to say, that at all levels in the coal industry corruption is growing, despite the watchful eye of the “smotryashchykh” (the observers). This is leading not only to the ruination of the industry, and not only to the closing of mines but also to the closing of schools and nurseries, and the assault on  the work of municipal transport xxx

The enterprises  are paying promptly into the pension fund and to the social security funds, but as a result the workers are suffering, because they can’t retire at a suitable time. Nevertheless the SBU fails completely  to react to such developments, and the lack of responsibility of the management does not interest them. One gets the impression that the structure is carrying out the demands of the “smotryashchykh” [spying].  In the above mentioned letter there are two telephone numbers: 06239521849 and 0502549099. I am calling on miners, their wives and all concerned citizens to call these numbers and inform them that you don’t have the means to buy bread or to travel to work. Let the SBU be informed how people are really living.”

Mykhailo Volynets also mentioned that information about this initiative by the SBU against the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine has been sent to the embassies of the main states, and to the international organizations concerned with the issues of rule of law and of freedoms.