In Kryvyi Rih, on Tuesday, 12th January) activist in the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NGPU) and the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine Olena Maslova was brutally attacked.

At 23:10 she returned home from work at the Lenin mine. On the Kosygin street she was attacked from behind – hitting her on the head with a heavy object. A physically fit woman, Olena desperately defended herself

Olena is especially grateful a workers security patrol, who promptly arrived at the scene. She was provided with medical care. Olena reported the attack to the Police.However, it seems that no investigation of the incident has taken place.

KVPU believe that the reason for the attack could be her union activism Olena is the Deputy Head of Defence of the NGPU in Krivyi Rih a member of the Women’s Committee and active not only in her company and the city, she has also been active in combating drug trafficking in the region.

Ukrainian trade union federation KVPU has taken control of the investigation and reported the incident to IndustriALL Global Unions and the International Confederation of Trade Unions,  wrote Mikhail Volynets leader of KVPU.

Report by: KVPU – Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine