VPZU Delegation

A group of Lviv railway workers visited Melitopol in Zaporizhya oblast. The guests from Western Ukraine shared their working experience with colleagues at the locomotive depot Melitopol Dnieper railway station and workers of Melitopol.

The delegation were  activists of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers Ukraine (VPZU) from

Skladachi Train Station in Lviv Vladimir Sosnitsky and Roman, Frezuvalnyk from Lviv locomotive repair plant Nicholas Bilas and engineer of the same company Taras Voytovych, master locomotive depot Kozyatyn South Western Railway Gennady Chepko and leader of VPZU Vladimir Kozelskii

The delegation had an opportunity to learn about the  technical conditions of the local company Dnieper railway, and for a time undertake the work of their colleague.   The Lviv workers were also interested in the health and safety conditions at the locomotive depot and station Melitopol

They noted that their equipment is more modern that at Dnieper railways.

Unfortunately, here the relations between management and workers are the same, and unfortunately not good.

Both companies  have the problems in common: poor labour management,

inadequate medical treatment, poor nutrition and protective clothing of low quality.

Workers  of Lviv and Dnieper Railways also shared experience of their trade union activity. The delegation also participated in a meeting of the trade union committee of VPZU Melitopol.

Thank you to Volodymyr Sotnyk of VPZU for this report on the delegation of from  Lviv who  visited Melitopol Zaporozhye region on  24-28 November.