The NUM have received the following message from miners’ in the Ukraine:

” Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Everybody from PRUP and I greatly appreciate your support in our current difficult times. DTEK management also extended its appreciation to you and thanked you for finding time and visit the Ukraine and West Donbas to shared your great experience in the upholding mineworkers’ rights, how conduct ourselves with the state leaders and how protect the Union members and their families. Every meeting enriches our professional and cultural experience and helps find new ways in our struggle for mineworkers’ rights and overcome difficulties, and helps in the searching of new possibilities for the establishment of the International Union of Mineworkers Organization.
Every day spent by your NUM Delegation in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk Region will be held in the memory of our people who had a good chance to watch all our meetings and negotiation on TV and read much in our newspapers. A special powerful impression was made on our Union activists during a big meeting on the bank of the river Samara.
On behalf of Dnepropetrovsk Territorial Organization of Union of Mineworkers of Ukraine I would like to thank everyone who had to work hard to assure the successful visit of NUM Delegation to Ukraine. We will continue our warm relationships and look forward to having new meetings in the nearest future.
With kind regards and best wishes,
Sergey Yunak
PRUP President”