Job cuts
Job cuts will begin with a coalition agreement – a declaration of criminal intent and continuing the policy of Yanukovych.  A betrayal of the aspirations of millions of people to live in dignity without the yoke oligarchs. 
        IMF POster LO
“The coalition will assume responsibility for the implementation of the IMF program – Yatsenyuk” I will not hesitate. There are many applications, but only one will be executed – from the IMF.
Election 2
Left social activists are not involved in this election campaign because there is not yet formed a party that would protect the interests of workers.   
Demand socialism
Be realistic – demand socialism!

Ein riech

Azov 1

Against the Neo-Nazi candidate from the Azov Battallion Andrey Bielecki 

theivng state

Fight against the robber state – corruption – and capitalism

Radical actions without radical ideas

Radical acts without radical ideas will not eradicate problems 

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