This trade union/organisation notes:
1. The ongoing conflict between  the Ukrainian government and paramilitary forces in the east of the  country backed by Russian imperialism.
2. That all workers in  Ukraine – Ukrainian-speaking, Russian-speaking and Russian – are  facing attacks on their rights and living standards as a result of  neo-liberal economic policies promoted by Western governments, the  IMF, etc.
3. That the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign has been established  to  organise solidarity and provide information in support of Ukrainian  socialists and trade unionists, campaigning for working class, and democratic  rights, against imperialist intervention and national chauvinism.   Basic aims  are:
• to support and build direct links with the independent socialists and the labour movement in Ukraine.
• to support the right of the Ukrainian  people to determine their own future free from external intervention from  Russian or Western imperialism

This trade union/organisation resolves
1. To invite a speaker from the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign to  our next meeting.
2. To circulate information from the campaign and about Ukrainian workers’ struggles to our members.
3. To seek a Ukrainian union or union branch to build direct links and solidarity  with.
4. To affiliate to the campaign and donate £

Ukr Miners at Durham 1